Therapy Methods

The question is, how deep do you want to go? Counseling can help to resolve a problem such as resolving differences in a marital conflict, or helping a child learning to cope with divorce. Common terms with a counseling reference are Career Counseling or Educational Counseling. This type of counseling is helpful in a big way.

Some people who have counseling say, "But I did that, the same problems came up again." This is when the next step is helpful: Therapy. This is when the reason for the continual argument or repeatedly poor decisions are worked through.

Get down to the root of the problem. "Why do I do the things I do? Why can’t I change?"
Exploring deeper issues, resolving past trauma or memories from years past is all part of the process of psychotherapy. This type of therapy takes time, and the reward of this introspection is simple: Freedom!

Art Therapy

The goal in any type of therapy is for a client to gain a better understanding of their own lives. Through the creative process and the exploration of your own art creation, insight can be gained and understanding  reached. Difficult topics can be broached and brought into a safe, supportive environment. Everything created in session is an expression of your inner self. Remember no talent is required and no art project is graded. You can even draw stick figures! Your own creativity will be brought out by your willingness to explore your feelings and let them guide you. Art therapy can be insightful, enriching, and can help you reach a new understanding of yourself and others. Benefits of Art Therapy:

  • Express difficult feelings
  • Provide safety for a difficult situation
  • Bring to light hidden parts you may be struggling with (personal trauma, abuse, loss, bereavement)

Sand Tray

Sand tray is expressive, dynamic & interactive. Children, adolescents, and adults of all ages use sand tray.

When using a sandtray, you will find a collection of various objects for use in the sand.  

You are invited to create your own world in the tray by placing objects into the sand tray in any way you choose. There is no right or wrong way to use the sand; it is a matter of whatever feels right to you.

You can use the sand however you would like. You can dig, build, or create your own world, or you may want to run your hands through the sand to simply feel it run through your fingers.

There is not particular manner in which to use a sand tray; whatever you choose to do, whatever you create, comes from what is inside your inner self.

All of these interactions can tell a story, express emotions, or help you get in touch with a lost piece of yourself.

The sand tray experience requires a trusting environment and an open heart. Your willingness to explore the unknown places within can reveal secrets and express unspoken thoughts and feelings.

The experience is one of freedom.